What to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant?

Do you ever sit back with 20 or more things on your plate of things to do, wondering which one you’re going to tackle first? Plus how the heck you will EVER catch up?

So, I ask you:

  • Which one are you going to tackle first, the easy 5-minute item or the one that’s going to take at least (if you’re lucky) a couple of hours to complete??
  • Do you wish you had a helping hand, but you know hiring another employee is just not possible at this time?
  • But you know the most important item you must tackle is what will make you money.
  • And those smaller clerical items (making appointments, scheduling meetings, data entry) just take a lot of your time!

What’s the solution?

Click on the link below. I found a great article that tells you what the 10 Things to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant is…once you read it, Click this link contact me and we will discuss how I can eliminate some of your items on your plate!


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