Two Women!

As everyone knows I’m not the greatest at writing blogs, so I found myself sitting at my desk starring at photo’s and I came across this picture!

Two women who made the greatest impression on my life and why I am who I am today!

I ask myself why did they make such an impression? These women were brought up in the era where women didn’t work, and divorce was a taboo. With each of the up coming generation, that has definitely changed. Women are now working and in some cases are becoming the breadwinner in their family and divorce being just second nature especially in the  80s and 90s. Well in the 21st century, Millenniums are becoming more independent, which entails not marrying so early and thus divorce becoming less frequent.

The first woman was my grandma, Ruth (left of pic) who was born in 1919 and the second woman was my mom, Marguerite (right of pic) who was born in 1946, both of these wonderful women made a huge impact on my life. They led a very rough life but as they grew up they really wanted a better life for their children. Family was very important to them and their love was unconditional. When I needed them they were always there for me. My mom use to tell me how she always had her sisters hand me down shoes; as she wore a size 9 and they wore a size 6 shoes she grew up later on in life having very bad toe nails because of not wearing the right size shoes growing up. So when us kids were growing up she always made she we had the right size shoe. They sure weren’t  Nike’s, but we always had shoes that fit!! As a little girl I loved to go over to my grandma’s house to visit. My memory of her was sitting down at the table and her squeezing fresh orange juice and making homemade meals. Even better was everything was grown right on their property; vegetables and all. As I grew up my grandma always stayed in touch with me, even after my parents divorced. She always made sure I was still part of their family even though my parents were no longer together!

What great memories of them that I live with everyday and without those wonderful women in my life things might have turned out differently. If there is one thing they taught me, it was LOVE & FAMILY. No matter what was going on, I knew I could always rely on them through good, bad, or ugly. What I did learn and have passed on to my children is no matter how much you fight, how much you may hate each other, at the end of the day you need to be there for EACH OTHER and love one another, just like these two women did with me! Those are memories no one will ever take from me, and I only hope I too can make the same impact as they have made upon me. XOXO

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