“An Angel through the Eyes of a Mother”

I wrote this poem in 2002 for my mother.  Three months later she passed away. My best friend Kym just lost her mom today… so wanted to share this poem with her & everyone who has lost their mother:

“As I sit and wonder about the past,

How my only savior was an Angel in my life.

Without the Angel I would have been last,

She showed me how much I really matter each night.

As I grew she taught me from right to wrong

How she loved me with all her heart

What a young lady I’ve become.

From all her teachings from the start

Now my Angel is starting to slow

In her eyes you can see sadness

But she will always know my children will grow

With the same teachings along with happiness

As I start to show my children all the love,

The Angel has given me

She sits and watches the dove

Awaiting for the moment of glee

The Angel will never have to worry about me

Cause she has shown me the color

So when the father comes there will always be

An Angel through the Eyes of a Mother.”


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